Breed stunning foals on your own ranch!

My Horsez is a free-to-play online horse management game, developed for horse enthusiasts of all ages!

Coming soon The brand new international server of online horse game My Horsez!

My Horsez has been a succesful horse game in the Netherlands for 15+ years, with over 150,000 registered accounts. Finally, we have decided it's time to bring our game to the international public! Currently we are working on setting up the server, translating, testing and much more. We are hoping to launch in 2024. We’re delighted to share the game with the rest of the world. Do you want to be notified when we launch? Share your e-mail here, so we can let you know when the game is coming. You can also join the Discord server to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. See you soon!

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✨ 10,000 extra coins ✨ 3x premium items ✨ 2x bonus items

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Breed horses with reality based horse genetics.

Breed beautiful foals with colour genetics

Run your own ranch and breed foals with over 60+ coat colors! Our horses have reality based colour genetics

Explore the online horse game My Horsez with it's own world, Equada

Explore the world of Equada

Unlock new villages and possibilities in the game by following the storyline!

Tack up your virtual horse in online horse game MyHorsez

Tack up your horse with 200+ items

Customise your horse with tack, decoration and backgrounds of your choosing

Enjoy 10+ horse breeds

  • Dutch Warmblood

    Dutch Warmblood

    25+ coat colours

  • Haflinger


    9+ coat colors

  • Shetland Pony

    Shetland Pony

    50+ coat colours

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About My Horsez

My Horsez is a point-and-click online horse management game.

  • Expand your own ranch by adding new buildings and upgrading your home
  • You can either play in your browser or the app (available for download post launch)
  • Breed the cutest foals with reality based colour genetics.
  • Train your horses to be the very best to increase your chances of skilled offspring
  • Go through the storyline and levels to unlock new towns and options in the game
  • Tack up your horses with various items
  • Meet and trade with other horse enthusiasts at the heart of the game - our forums!

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Venilla, one of the virtual horses of the herd of online horse game My Horsez